Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Project Dreamscape - Potential Ideas

The admin of the other Awake fan page and I have came up with some ideas, but we can not decide which one would be best to help save our show. There will be a poll on the Facebook page to decide which idea from this post the fans like best. The idea that has the most votes will be the one that we continue with.

We have decided that instead of the usual 'Save Our Show' campaigns that send various things to NBC, we would send them to the advertisers instead. If the advertisers find out that the show has dedicated fans and NBC finds out about our project, they may increase the price of advertising on the show. The advertisers will then be willing to pay more money for the show and therefore NBC will make more money from it. If this happens, NBC may spend more money advertising the show to the public, and, above all, not cancel it.

Idea 1 - Traditional
This idea would involve fans sending a mixture of red and green wristbands to the advertisers with tags attached to them. These tags would have a URL to a webpage with our message to NBC and the advertisers, expressing our love for the show, and why it should not be cancelled.

Idea 2 - Unique
This idea would be similar to 'Idea 1', but would involve fans taking photos of their arm with the wristband and tags on. A dreamlike filter would be applied to the photos and then they would be printed onto A4 paper. Fans would be allowed to personalise their message by writing it on the back of the paper. We would then send it off to the advertisers.

To cast your vote, go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Awake/359316727440423.

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