Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Message to NBC and Chevrolet

Let's get straight to the point. 'Awake' is brilliant. It is the perfect mixture of drama, sci-fi and mystery. Exquisite writing, brilliant directing and perfectly cast characters help make it by far and away our favourite show on TV at the moment.

Much to our surprise, 'Awake' was not getting many viewers, and has been predicted by '' to be cancelled by the end of May. We would like to ask you politely and passionately not to give up on this show. It has millions of dedicated fans who tune in to watch it every week. We're sure it would have even more, but 'Awake' faces tough competition. Last week it went up against the premiere of ABC show 'Scandal' and hit show 'The Mentalist', a show which has been going for 4 seasons and has an average of almost 15 million viewers a week. Between its first episode and its latest episode, viewing figures have fluctuated just 3 million, and that is over 90 episodes. It is plain to see that this show has some dedicated fans. How 'Awake' is expected to go up against a show like this and come out on top is beyond me. For the next two weeks, there will be no new episodes of 'The Mentalist'. We predict viewers of 'Awake' will rise significantly. If this shows that the support is there for the show, maybe you could try and give it a chance to compete on a different day or in a different time slot, one where it is not competing against a show which, let's face it, will never be beaten on viewers.

Us 'Awake' fans have decided to start a campaign to save our show. Together we have fought and will continue to do so, because we know that 'Awake' has a lot of potential, and should not be another show that is cancelled before it is given a chance to shine.

To Chevrolet
We would like to say that we are very grateful you have chosen to invest in this show. Without you, the show wouldn't exist, so we thank you for that. We hope to inspire you to continue to invest, as the show has so many dedicated fans who would be devastated to see it cancelled so soon.

We would also like to ask you the same thing we have asked NBC, and that is not to give up on this show. The show is expected to go up against 'The Mentalist' every week, a show that has been running for four seasons and is averaging almost 15 million viewers a week. With no new episodes of 'The Mentalist' for the next two weeks, you will see a significant rise in the amount of viewers 'Awake' has. We hope this will show you that 'Awake' has millions of dedicated fans, and we hope you will continue to invest in our show.


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  2. Great article! This show is fantastic and I would lose a great deal of respect for NBC as a network because not only are they thinking of cancelling this show, but the fact that the best comedy show on TV in Community had to have E! Network save it because of fan votes shows how TV is starting to take a serious downfall.

  3. NBC, please save our show. If you don't want to, at least let another network pick it up. You're trying to get more viewers and fans for your network in the long run, but you're not realizing you're actually doing the opposite. This will backfire soon. IM TOO ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW. Come on.

  4. This is the most stimulating show I have seen on television in my lifetime. It has given me a hope for the future of television next to the garbage of Jersey Shore. That may be an unfair comparison. I am a fan of the Mentalist and having said that I would pull for Awake over the Mentalist any day. As the author said, it is a brilliantly directed, written and acted/casted piece of television. I would be more than upset if it doesn't round the curb for another season.