Monday, 28 May 2012

The Campaign is Far From Over

Just to let everyone know, the part of the campaign that happened the day after the finale is not all we are doing to save this show.

You may have seen our conversation with Kyle Killen on Twitter, and many of you may have been a bit disheartened by it. Kyle Killen said to campaign for Jason Isaacs to win the Emmy, as the show is unlikely to be saved. However, we are not going to do this. We are going to continue to try and get 'Awake' saved. If it does get saved, I firmly believe that the publicity will practically win the Emmy for Jason.

The thing I believe we have done wrong in our campaign so far, is that we have not got directly in contact with NBC or other networks. We now have over 4,000 likes on Facebook, so that should be enough to make an impact, but we could still do with some more.

This Thursday (31.05.2012), we are going to campaign to get our show renewed. The campaign will be split into three parts:

Part One: Write to NBC or another network.

I know many of you would rather send emails, but letters will be much more effective. Emails can be easily filtered out, deleted, or ignored. However, letters have to be opened, and will get more attention. Letters also make it look like we've gone to more effort to do it.

What do I put in my letter? (Source: wikiHow)
If you want your letter to be read by a network executive, be brief, be real. Write an anecdote about how the show has become part of your life. The executives are TV fans, too. They'll understand, and you'll make your point.

What do I not put in my letter? (Source: wikiHow)
Writing something like "I will just die if I never see this show again" is a bit dramatic and a good way to get your letter dismissed as the rantings of a deranged viewer. You also don't want to make threats, like "If you don't put 'Awake' back on the air, I'll never watch your network again!"

Where could I send it?
NBC - 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, United States.
ABC - 77 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023, United States.
CBS - 530 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019, United States.
Fox - 10201 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States.
AMC - 11 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001, United States.

Part Two: Write to or call a local or major TV news station.

If you want, aim small, try and contact your local news station. However, if you're feeling ambitious, you could aim for NBC News or another major news channel! Let them know all the effort us fans are putting in to get 'Awake' back on the air. If they do a news story on it, it could significantly increase the attention this campaign is getting, and may lead to NBC or another network picking 'Awake' up.

Part Three: Send penguin merchandise to NBC!

To participate in this part of the campaign, you can either buy:

A soft toy penguin:


A copy of the children's book 'That's Not My Penguin':

If they are ordered from 'Amazon', they can be delivered straight to NBC's offices (address is above).

Friday, 18 May 2012

Project Dreamscape: Part III

The third part of our 'Save 'Awake'' campaign will happen on 25th May 2012.

It will be split into three parts:
17.00 GMT - Try and get #SaveAwake trending on Twitter. At 17.00 GMT, everybody Tweet to BD Wong, Dylan Minnette and Kyle Killen using the hashtag #SaveAwake. If you can't tweet at this time or forget to, just tweet when you can.

00.00 GMT - 23.59 GMT - Send letter and emails to NBC and other networks with messages and a link to our 'Save 'Awake'' video. If you are going to do this, email as many of NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS or ABC telling them why they should renew 'Awake'. Also, give them a link to our YouTube video.

23.00 GMT - Perform a sleep 'blackout' outside various networks' HQs. If you are taking part, wear a red or green wristband on your arm, if possible, and take a poster saying 'Save 'Awake'' and/or a personalised message, just to show the networks what we are campaigning for. Also, if possible, bring a camera to record the event! Facebook events have been created for each 'blackout', so you can see who is attending.

Networks' Addresses:
NBC - 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, United States.
ABC - 77 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023, United States.
CBS - 530 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019, United States.
Fox - 10201 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States.
AMC - 11 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001, United States.

Remember, we're on Facebook and Twitter!

Due to our blog hitting 5,000 hits today, it seems there will be a lot of people who do not know about our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Facebook -
Twitter -!/saveawake

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Our Official Pages/Accounts

Due to 'Awake''s cancellation yesterday, many Facebook pages have been created under the same name as us. In order to prevent confusion, we registered our page as 'SaveAwakeOfficial'.

Our official Facebook page:
Our official Twitter account:

Friday, 4 May 2012

Message to NBC and Chevrolet - Updated

Let's get straight to the point. 'Awake' is brilliant. It is the perfect mixture of drama, sci-fi and mystery. Exquisite writing, brilliant directing and perfectly cast characters help make it by far and away our favourite show on TV at the moment.

Much to our surprise, 'Awake' was not getting many viewers, and has been predicted by '' to be cancelled by the end of May. We would like to ask you politely and passionately not to give up on this show. It has millions of dedicated fans who tune in to watch it every week. We're sure it would have even more, but 'Awake' faces tough competition. Each week it goes up against the popular ABC show 'Scandal' and hit show 'The Mentalist', a show which has been going for 4 seasons and has an average of almost 15 million viewers a week. Between its first episode and its latest episode, viewing figures have fluctuated just 3 million, and that is over the course of almost 100 episodes. It is plain to see that this show has some dedicated fans. How 'Awake' is expected to go up against a show like this and come out on top is beyond me. Maybe you could try and give it a chance to compete on a different day or in a different time slot, one where it is not competing against a show which, let's face it, will never be beaten on viewers.

Us 'Awake' fans have decided to start a campaign to save our show. Together we have fought and will continue to do so, because we know that 'Awake' has a lot of potential, and should not be another show that is cancelled before it is given a chance to shine.

To Chevrolet
We would like to say that we are very grateful you have chosen to invest in this show. Without you, the show wouldn't exist, so we thank you for that. We hope to inspire you to continue to invest, as the show has so many dedicated fans who would be devastated to see it cancelled so soon.

We would also like to ask you the same thing we have asked NBC, and that is not to give up on this show. The show is expected to go up against 'The Mentalist' every week, a show that has been running for four seasons and is averaging almost 15 million viewers a week. If 'Awake' is given a chance in a different time slot, and attracts more viewers, we hope this will show you that 'Awake' has millions of dedicated fans, and we hope you will continue to invest in our show.

Messages from fans of 'Awake'
'I count down the days until 'Awake' is on every week. TV wouldn't be the same without it, please, you can't cancel it!' - Rita Helou

'I love Jason Isaacs in everything, but this show is fantastic and one of the best ones I've seen for a long time; it doesn't deserve to be cancelled (particularly when alternative viewing options are second-rate rubbish).' - Kylie Joanne Woods

'Intelligent writing - love this show!' - Adele M M McLennan

'This show is good enough to be my next 'Fringe', which is my current 'Lost'. It's just that damn good!' - Andi Erickson Poli

'Please don't cancel this show. I love Jason Isaacs as Det. Michael Britten.' - Marilaine Hagedorn

'I find is preposterous to start an amazing new show in March, schedule it at 10PM on Thursdays and expect great ratings! This show was given the worst conditions ever for a new show and it was still able to amass a good fan base quickly. I say move the show to another time slot where it can live up to its greatness before thinking about cancelling.' - Lex Boismenu

'Best show on NBC by far! Absolutely love Jason Isaacs - his performance is spot on! Intriguing premise, clever writing, and stellar actors - 'Awake' has it all! Needs a better lead in, perhaps 'Smash'?' - Lauren B. Brenner

'This is the best show on television - it cannot be cancelled! It is not only the best, but the smartest. Why aren't people watching it?!' - Mayme Chantel Kathleen Rhoades

'I have been waiting for a show this smartly written ever since 'Lost' ended in 2010. I don't hesitate when saying that it's my favourite show on television right now. Jason Isaacs is masterful in his leading role, and the writers do a perfect job to throw a new curve each week, the stand out one to me being the episode 'That's Not My Penguin'. NBC would be losing a real gem if they gave up on such a brilliant hour of television. Long live this amazing show.' - Kevin Lawler

'We love this show! Why not move it to another time slot for a while? People need to have the opportunity to see this show and they will love it too!' - Cherie J. Doughtie

'Please renew this awesome show. Try a new day or time slot. Jason Isaacs and the cast are amazing! Please don't take this show away from the fans who watch!' - Trina Ickes

'I love this show! It's one of the few good ones on TV these days! It ranks right up there with 'Grimm' in my opinion! Please save it!' - Rita Higgins

'Save it! It's only starting in Ireland tonight but I've seen an episode already and it looks amazing! Should definitely be saved. Fantastic cast, fantastic concept. Just plain brilliant.' - Laurie Ni Cuinneain

'Awake is getting screwed big time, it deserves better than this. NBC has no problem airing constant repeats of 'Law & Order: SVU' every week, why can't (won't) NBC simply replace those episodes with 'Awake'? NBC afraid ratings might go up?' - Jennifer Tempest

'It's just on the wrong night! Thursday is packed with so much stuff... ABC has 'Missing', FOX has 'The Vampire Diaries' and their shows that follow. CBS has the wildly popular 'Person of Interest'. I hope they either try another night or give it one more season! It deserves a second chance!' - Trina Ickes

'I love 'Awake' but sometimes I have to watch it online because Thursday night is my only TV night and it is on at the same time as other shows I have watched longer.' - Pamela Thompson Caldwell

'Will be so disappointed if they don't renew this show.' - Zac Mannik

'Please save this - what an original, entertaining show.' - Linda Cross

''Awake' is a refreshing, intelligent show and one that has restored my faith in a good series. If crude reality shows like 'Jersey Shore' can last five seasons and possibly see six, why must networks such as NBC cut the few shows that still make viewers think and give them meaningful messages that they can hold on to. One more season... at least give it that.' - Lauren Gelli