Saturday, 30 June 2012

Information on the 'Netflix' campaign

As you will know if you have kept up with our posts on Facebook and Twitter, starting today, we will be campaigning to 'Netflix' to pick up 'Awake'. I've decided to write this post for those who don't know how they can participate.

Try and do as many of these as you can (they're ranked from  most effective to least effective):
- Send a letter to 'Netflix'
The address for 'Netflix' is Netflix, Inc. 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, California 95032.

- Tweet to 'Netflix'
The twitter account for 'Netflix' is @netflix

- Call 'Netflix'
As 'Netflix' has no email address that we can send emails to, call them! Their number is 0800 096 6379.

- Write on 'Netflix''s Facebook wall
The URL for this is

REMEMBER! When you are doing this, be sure to include a link to our new 'Save 'Awake'' video! Even if you are writing a letter, write the link down. Also, tell them why YOU think 'Awake' should be saved. Tell them about how 'Awake' has become a part of your life and how you will miss it.

If enough people participate, 'Netflix' will see this and realise what they're missing out on. We can do it!

Monday, 4 June 2012

How to save 'Awake' on Thursday

On June 7th 2012 (this Thursday), we will again campaign to save 'Awake'. The problem we have had in our previous campaigns is that things have been too complex/cost money, which alienated participants. Therefore, in this part of the campaign, we are keeping things simple.

You can help save 'Awake' by sending handwritten letters to NBC. By using handwritten letters instead of emails, it makes it look like we have gone to more effort, and NBC will take more notice of them. Don't put anything too dramatic in your letter, like 'I will just die if I never see 'Awake' again' or 'If you don't bring back 'Awake', I'll never watch NBC again!', because NBC will just dismiss these. The best thing to do is write an anecdote about how 'Awake' has become a part of your life, and how you will miss it if it isn't brought back. Comment on the acting/directing/writing of the show, give praise to the people who are a part of it - this will help NBC to see the mistake they have made.

Also, either on the back of your letter or on a separate piece of paper, draw a penguin. If you have kids (or a little brother/sister), get them to draw one, too! Send this to NBC with your letter.

NBC's address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, United States.

Remember, it's this Thursday!

We can do it. Together we can save 'Awake'.