Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Project Dreamscape - Day 4

After 4 days of hard work and commitment, our Facebook page has reached 100 likes. As a reward, I promised our fans an update on what we are going to do to save our show, so here it is...

A few years back I helped work on an unsuccessful project to try and save prematurely cancelled 'FlashForward'. Together we came up with what was praised by the media as "the most unique 'save our show' campaign to date". The idea was to stage a mass blackout in different parts of the world. Videos of these blackouts were an instant hit on YouTube, clocking up almost 40,000 views.

As previously mentioned, I am working with the admin of another 'Awake' fan group to come up with ideas to save our show from cancellation. A large time difference has hindered our plans to communicate, but we are still working to overcome this problem. We are aiming to create a unique idea that will attract lots of media attention and show NBC that people really do care about this show. While I will not be giving too much away at this current time, the idea is likely to revolve around the famous 'Awake' wristbands.

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