Saturday, 12 May 2012

Our Official Pages/Accounts

Due to 'Awake''s cancellation yesterday, many Facebook pages have been created under the same name as us. In order to prevent confusion, we registered our page as 'SaveAwakeOfficial'.

Our official Facebook page:
Our official Twitter account:


  1. I cannot believe they cancelled this show!
    It was gripping and intelligent!

    Maybe another network could take it on?
    So sad to see it go. :(

  2. Please don't let another smart show leave the air. We needs better shows and this is the best on television. SAVE AWAKE. Other networks hear the call!!!!!!!

  3. Awake needs another chance to hit its groove. There are many intelligent viewers out there who did not catch the show this first season. We have to stop the dumbing down of television. America's got talent? Come on. We need a real series that requires an IQ over 70.