Monday, 10 September 2012

Saving 'Awake' - The Essential Guide

It appears we did not have a very strong turnout for the Netflix campaign on Friday, so we're having a change of strategy. I've put together this guide for how YOU can help save Awake. Using this strategy means that there is no set date for saving Awake, so we can all just do it when we have time.

Here's how you can help save Awake in your own time:

Step One - Email or write to NBC's chairman, Robert Greenblatt:


Robert Greenblatt,
National Broadcasting Company,
30 Rockefeller Center,
New York, New York 10112,
United States.

Tip - Experts say writing letters has a much greater impact than sending emails.

Step Two - Contact TV writers who've given Awake good reviews, telling them what we're doing to save the show:

Twitter accounts: @kentucker, @snickrz and @WaitWhat_TV.

If you have an account on 'TV Fanatic', you can click here to send an email to one of their writers.

Step Three - Call NBC or other networks, telling them why they should pick up Awake:

Netflix - 408 540 3700
CBS - 212 975 3247
NBC - 212 632 3975
FX - 310 369 0949.

The more people who follow this guide and repeat this process, the more chance we have of promoting our campaign and saving Awake!


  1. Now that many programs have come back for a second season in the Fall...I am really convinced that AWAKE should have been one of them. The quality and depth of AWAKE is hard to find, so I would encourage all of you to keep on going with the campaign, it is definitively worth to try.

  2. I tried to send an email but the email bounced back... >; Hope the show comes back!